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Lose You to Love MeThis Challenge ended
Selena Gomez Cover Challenge
Lose You to Love Me
Selena Gomez Cover Challenge
4 months ago
Dance Monkey Cover Challenge
Submit your cover videos here for "Dance Monkey" by Tones And I. An Adriana Vitale cover challenge, the winner will receive $50 from NextAffect
4 months ago
"Talk" Cover Challenge
Match the King of R and B in your cover of "Talk" by Khalid!
7 months ago
Someone You Loved by Lewis Capald
Which of your favorite artists are doing the best job covering “Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi”? Make sure you put your vote in to pick the NextAffect people's choice cover award!
4 months ago
"If I Can't Have You" Cover
Try your skills at Shawn Mendes' hit song "If I Can't Have You" in this cover competition!
5 months ago
"Lover" Cover Challenge
By request on our Instagram, here's the "Lover" Cover Challenge by Taylor Swift!
5 months ago